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The new shops and library at South Parade, Western Avenue shops, Allsaints Church and Stocktonwood School.

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Sep 24 09 12:00 PM

The second picture down. Was this house the library in 1940's. I remember going to a house, by myself to borrow Enid Blyton books I am abl eto see myself standing in what must have been a front room. Anyone help?


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Sep 25 09 6:08 AM

No Val ....The second picture from the top is a picture of the Church Hall at All Saints Church on Hale Road. 
The library house you refer to was located on Blackrod Avenue which later moved to the Old Smithy (on the old estate of Speke) and then to the Central Avenue location and then on to the location where it is today at the Parade shopping center.

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Jun 7 10 1:30 PM

At one time Speke had three libraries, the old Smithy opposite the Cresent, which could not be seen because of the cottages on the corner of Speke Town Lane and Speke Church Road, which is now the land in front of the Cresent shops.

Another library on the block of shops on Alderwood Road (Elloway Road end) and the Parade. The two sattelite libraries closed thus leaving the Central library which later became Sure Start with the opening of the Parklands library.

I can remember doing my home work at the Central library from 1960 (Speke Baths opened 1962) when we moved from Stapleton Avenue flats to a family house opposite the Labour Club, where Fred was the Manager (later known as the 'Honky Tonk')

The old Legion was tranfered to Joe Cummings to run the boxing club from with the opening of the 'new Legion' building and I remember the boxers of this time - Mossman - Kirwin - Wells - Scott and many others who still have family in Speke. 

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Dec 30 10 6:25 AM

Do you have a pic of the old Smithy. I can probably find one somewhere in cyberland. Will have a look. I can still see myself and I left Speke when I was 8. Would you let a child on 8 go to a library alone now?

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#6 [url]

Dec 30 10 6:28 AM

I think you are after my time!! I left when about 8 yrs old in 1949. Where was the Library then !!! I remember being so disappointed when I couldnt find any I've not read. Used to read by the light of the streetlamp as I wasnt aloud to have the light on.

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Apr 12 12 9:08 AM

I remember being walked "crocodile" fashion to the Smithy library from St Christophers School in about 1956/7 to browse and choose a book to read.   Later when "the Parade" opened I was a regular borrower at Central Library.   I clearly remember one of the librarians with wavy hair and glasses and may have been called Eileen (now where did that come from?)

Before Austin Rawlinson baths opened we regularly went to either Garston or Woolton baths or when a bit older (maybe 9/10) I went with my friend Helen(Williams) on the Crosville H1 to Widnes Baths - quite an adventure!!

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