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Jun 9 09 7:17 PM

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Monday the 2nd March being such a nice sunny day, I went for a walkabout Speke. I was looking to see if any changes had been made since my last visit to my old stompin ground....The last time I went walkabout I was disgusted with the way that Speke had run down and was in a state of disrepair from the Speke that I was brought up in. There was litter everywhere, houses were boarded up and some had no roofs. The place was a mess.
I was totally surprised to see how Speke had picked itself out of the gutter and was well on its way to joining a civilised society. I was hard pressed to find even a piece of litter on any of the streets that I walked down. I could not see any houses boarded up save for one, which was for sale.The old South Parade shopping center had gone, save for one or two shops and it had been replaced with a brand new shopping center with a good selection of goods to choose from. The old library located on Central Avenue was now a child care center and looked like it was being well used by the local mothers. There was a beautiful bright, brand new library that was well stocked with books and seemed to be doing good business at 10am in the morning.The shops at the bottom or top of Western Avenue had been spruced up a bit to conceal their decay. However I did find a lot of litter there on two of the side gardens. Mostly paper but one garden had an old broken pram under all the paper. That was the only bad portion of Speke that I could find. I walked down Allsaints Road, which is always a delight because the property in that area is always kept in such good condition...really nice area.When I reached the church (All Saints) I was surprised to see the condition of the wooded area of the church property, located at the bottom of Greyhound farm Road. This area when we were kids used to be a dense wooded area and all kinds of birds used to nest there. There used to be huge Horse Chestnut trees growing all through the woods but now there are very few bushes, the chestnut trees are long gone and the whole area is overgrown and littered. Surely the church have sufficient funding to clean this area up.How about the Boy Scouts or Guides, Brownies doing something for the's not impossible and it is your church so why not clean that area up. I spent 10 or 20 minutes chatting with people who were attending grave sites of family and I think I made some new friends. I went on to the Cresent shops and also found that this area had been cleaned up and most if not all the graffiti had been removed. Only three shops were open when I was there and a local lad was telling me..." De keep gettin cars pushed throught the front of dem don't de, so de closed der doors" No insentive for anyone to carry on a business under those conditions.All in all I enjoyed my visit to Speke and it has certainly improved from the last time I was there. Well done Speke lovely to see.

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Nov 8 09 5:38 AM

I can remember the Crescent as a very busy shopping centre - it is so sad that it has been vandalised to such an extent that only 3 shops are now open.  Glad that you enjoyed your visit to Speke though as you will remember what a lovely place it was to grow up in.

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Jan 12 10 11:38 AM


I remember all of my childhood days growing up in the Speke environment.  It was a paradise to all the families who lived there.  The last road in Speke at that time was Lovel Road and all the roads after that were built at a later date.  There were fields and woods and ponds and shoreline to keep all the kids happy and you could find most of the kids, on any given weekend, fishing, swimming or playing with their friends in the woods and fields.  

Yes, Speke in those days, was totally different from the Speke of today.  The families living in each road knew all their neighbors and the front doors to their homes were always open for a visit.  Western Avenue and the Crescent shops were always busy and the kids used to help their mums with the shopping without complaint. 

Yes those were lovely days which I enjoyed to the last drop.

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Jan 13 10 2:08 PM

Couldn't agree more.  Speke was a wonderful place for children and we were so free to roam anywhere.  Oglet Shore was a special favourite.  Next time you visit Liverpool you will have to join in one of our reunions (there are more and more spekeites coming out of the woodwork - and all lovely people).  One of my best friends is one of the daughters' of the family with whom you exchanged houses with.  She came along to one of the reunions with me and that was when that information was brought to light.  Lynne held a great exhibition in the church hall a while back which was wonderful (obviously a lot of hard work for Lynne - but very much appreciated by everyone who attended).

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