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Jun 9 10 4:50 PM

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OH well here goes, I lived in 86 Bray Rd till 1948??? any memories anyone? Jean Long, Gwen Jennings from Rycot rd?

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Jun 16 10 4:13 PM

Hi Valmo....

I also lived in 86 Bray Road from 1959 until 1964 and then moved to 24 Gerneth Close and lived there until 1970 when I moved to Canada.  I believe the early 70's was the beginning of the downfall of Speke.  However I hasten to add that Speke is making a great comeback.  The last time I was there it had cleaned up it's act.
Regards Tom

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Sep 10 10 1:27 AM

Hi Tom and all Spekites, Have just connected with your brother Jim in Australia I think. I wonder who moved into 86 Bray Rd after us Gaskells left in 1948/9ish.
I note that you are asking for more comments to keep this site open. I dont understand as there are lots of us about. You'll have to send a personal email to Mavis Smith, Ted Chapman, Trixie Bell tell them to get on here.
Regards Val

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Sep 10 10 6:04 AM

Yeah I will send them all a letter.  The Hosting on the forum have contacted me and advised me that unless at least one posting is made each month then the forum will be archived.  You will still be able to see it but you will not be able to post to it.  Hate to lose it by default especially when so many people have posts here on the Speke website. Yes my brother Jim is in Australia, Perth.and I speak with him fairly often.  Regards Tom Ryder.

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Sep 11 10 4:41 AM

It must have been 89 I lived in. Have had a look at Jims photos and 86 is where my friend, Jean Long, lived. He parents where Welsh, she had younger sister Gwendoline. Wonder when they left Bray Rd. I knoe Jean went to Uni in Liverpool and became a teacher in Manchester. I do have a recent photo of 89, my daughter took a couple of years ago. Unfortunately she thought she was taking a photo of my old house. My mistake and I blame my mother.

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Sep 12 10 6:09 AM

To place your Avitar next to your name...go to the "Edit Profile" at the top right of the page and click on it.  A new window will open allowing you to choose a stock picture or upload your profile pic from your computer....that's it.

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Sep 12 10 11:45 AM

Hi Tom
I hadn't logged in (drrrrrr).  Would hate to see this site close so we will all have to at least post once a month.  I loved living in Speke as a child as there were so many friends to play with.  We had the plantations for hide and seek. The square between for rounders or cricket.  The entry for racing.  In those days knock and run was a great favourite, so long as you didn't get caught, if you did it was a good hiding.  Forgot the Electric house, Oglet shore, the five ponds and the fairground that used to set up at the bottom of Western Avenue.  We had it all.
Come on Spekeites let's keep this site running.
Mavis (nee Campbell)

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Sep 13 10 5:40 AM

OH well here goes, I lived in 86 Bray Rd till 1948??? any memories anyone? Jean Long, Gwen Jennings from Rycot rd?


i did not live in 86 Jean did. I lived in 89!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! across the road

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Oct 4 10 6:22 AM

Thanks for that information Tom.  When I left Ellergreen I firstly worked for E.R. Squibbs for 12 months.  Secondly at the Unit Construction for 4 years and still staying in Speke, Ford Motor Company right up to having my children.  Working for the Unit was great as I only had to cross the road to get there - no really early mornings for me.  Mavis

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Feb 24 11 6:35 AM

Thanks for the reminder Tom, we need that nudge, dont want this to go. Anyway I hope to go uo north sometime later this year and have alook round Speke. I would like to go to the Oglet and bring back memories of picnics with mum and dad.
Speak soon
Regards to all

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Feb 25 11 4:21 AM

Hope you enjoy your trip to this neck of the woods, you will see a lot of changes!  When did you last visit good old Speke?  Could do with a few more people posting their memories here x

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Feb 25 11 4:54 AM

You will not believe the changes made by mother nature to the beach line at Oglet.  Remember the cliffs and how they used to be....always afraid of falling over the edge back in the early days.  Now those same cliffs are only mounds and it wouldn't hurt a bit if you rolled down them. 

Remember the beach that was to your left as you come to the waters edge at the end of Dungeon Lane...well that area is all marshland now with high reeds and grasses....totally different from when we were kids. 

I will try to get some pics of that area if I can for the website.   Lots of rubbish there now along the cliff line dumped by fly tippers.just a shame to see that, when you think we used to go on picnics there with the family. 

The Damwoods are no more because of the land being used for the airport runways at John Lennon Airport.

You're right ...we need more people joining the website and posting pics etc just a few memories of the old Speke would be lovely. If you are on Facebook then why not post a link to the site.  Easy to do....go to the home page of the and copy the address in the address bar at the top of the page...and post the link in the link facility on your profile page's located at the top of your profile page next to photos etc....try it.  Then all you friends will be able to see Speke as it is today and read the good stuff posted by all the Spekeites.....have fun

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Mar 3 11 12:14 PM

I was last up there last Feb, I think, or was it previos November. Yes it was Nov. Memories. I stayed at New Brighton and what a shock!!!! Dreadfully run down and depressed, I felt. No lighthouse no donkeys on the beach ( well it was Feb or Nov) I thought there was a pier. Saw a rock shop, it was closed.
Anyway went off to Horwich, my 90 yr old Mum wanted to see her Mums grave, We drove along the Speke Boulevarde, would not have recognised it as the road I used to walk up every Sunday with my 2 younger siblings. I was only 8 at the time,amazing. Would any of you let your 8,6 and 4 yr old out on there own now??We would arrive at my great aunts and uncles house in Hunts Cross have a chat and get a 6d and walk back home. I was tempted to turn into Woodend Lane and have a look, but didnt thinking to myself I will return on my own someday.

I'll let you know Mavis

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May 19 11 4:51 AM

Just looking through the Speke site, saw Val talking about Speke , although i lived there for 17 years i don;t remember alot about it as i spent most of my time in Hunts x,  Garston, and ogy shore,
But I did like living there and it was a good place to grow up in, Speke Hall, the Dam Woods
plenty things to do with good friends, but its like every thing places and people  changes , and not for the good, By the way Tom i live in Adelaide , not Perth, hope this little helps the site Jim,

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