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Jul 7 11 4:01 AM

You will not believe the changes made by mother nature to the beach line at Oglet.  Remember the cliffs and how they used to be....always afraid of falling over the edge back in the early days.  Now those same cliffs are only mounds and it wouldn't hurt a bit if you rolled down them. 
Remember the beach that was to your left as you come to the waters edge at the end of Dungeon Lane...well that area is all marshland now with high reeds and grasses....totally different from when we were kids. 
I will try to get some pics of that area if I can for the website.   Lots of rubbish there now along the cliff line dumped by fly tippers.just a shame to see that, when you think we used to go on picnics there with the family. 
The Damwoods are no more because of the land being used for the airport runways at John Lennon Airport.
You're right ...we need more people joining the website and posting pics etc just a few memories of the old Speke would be lovely. If you are on Facebook then why not post a link to the site.  Easy to do....go to the home page of the and copy the address in the address bar at the top of the page...and post the link in the link facility on your profile page's located at the top of your profile page next to photos etc....try it.  Then all you friends will be able to see Speke as it is today and read the good stuff posted by all the Spekeites.....have fun


I cannot remember the Oggy at all. My younger brother can. Have you any photos/pics of Oggy?

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