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Sep 7 10 9:02 AM

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Hi guys.....just wanted to ask you all to consider posting your Speke stuff once in a while, it protects the forum from being archived if just one post is made every month.  It would be a shame to lose the forum because it means so much to the ex pats amongst us.  Remember ....just one post a month not a lot to ask for. and our forum will be safe......Tom

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Sep 24 10 1:06 AM

Hi all, have been having discussions with Jim Ryder, he has told me that my first teacher at Stocktonwood was Miss Oakley. Does anyone else remember her? I do not have any school photos of my schools in Speke and Garston. Well there are some but I do not appear it seems. There is one I have seen, I thought was me but someone said it was not!
By the way my daughter teaches in a nursery - name Miss Oakley! Coincidence

regards to all

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Oct 1 10 6:11 AM

Well Tom I notice its you and I who have the most posts on this site- at the moment. You 25 me 16.
 Have you seen Ted Chapman? He is over here now with Pam meeting old chums, as he says.

Regards Val
ps. I am pleased I have sorted out where I used to live in Bray Rd! Did you know who lived in 89 before you?

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Oct 2 10 5:46 AM

Hello Val.....I didn't live in number 89 it was number 86. Third house from the corner of Woodend on the even side of course. I don't know who lived there before or after me. No I haven't seen Ted Chapman since school days and in fact I haven't met anyone since those days with my being out of the country for most of the time.  Where are you living nowadays are you still in Speke? Regards Tom.

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Oct 5 10 5:31 AM

Had alook on google maps. I lived in 86 3rd house from the crossroad with woodend lane? I remember the huge garden the lady had at that junction. Looking towards what used to be Speke Airport with Western Ave behind( where the ice-cream van was). I can still see my dad cycling from the airport to home for his lunch.

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Dec 30 10 3:45 AM

How remiss of me - last post Oct!!! I had all good intentions of posting monthly.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR. and thanks for this forum Tom. Lets keep it going and no-one do as I have not done - if you know what I mean.


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Jan 7 11 1:17 PM

Hi Everybody
Happy 2011 to you all.   Hope you all had a good Christmas.  Keep this site going.  Val did you know a Bettinna Williams (not sure if that is how it is spelt)  I think that she lived about the numbers you are talking about.  Regards Mavis

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Apr 12 12 9:21 AM

We had a teacher at St Christopher's Miss Oakley (Molly) later Mrs Smith.  She taught music and trained the choirs for the Speke Music Festival in the late 50s early 60s - is it the same one?

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Apr 13 12 5:48 AM

I attended stocktonwood 1946-47 then moved to junior school in Garston. I dont remember much about the school, tho' once I hurt myself in games/pe and had to go to the doctor with a hernia.I remember that, no teachers

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