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May 12 11 8:27 AM

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i remmember the prefabs where dymchurch now stands this was a great place for kids back then this was a perfect place to play war we used to go house to house killing the germans or whoever was are enemy then bring back those innocent days were kids could play without danger this was where kids imaginations run wild now the kids play it for real with real guns

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May 23 11 10:00 AM

Val in answer to your question I vividly remember the prefabs in Rycot Road.  Dymchurch Road was the continuation of Rycot Road.  The opposite end to Western Avenue.  Keep up the good work Tom. 
A very warm welcome to this great site to all new members. 

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May 24 11 4:40 AM

Up towards the airport then. cant remember why I would be up there, must have know someone. Friend Gwen lived in Rycot rd 27 I think.

I love all this reminiscence, sure sign of getting old.
My  mum is 91 now and still going strong! Of course she has memories. Cant remember what happened yesterday but can remember 70 yrs ago. Bit like me tho' not 70 years - yet.

Regards to all Gosh I'm feeling a bit emotional today.


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Jun 30 11 6:15 PM you ever hear from Gwen Jennings....remember I told you that I used to live directly behind her home on Bray Road.  She was a lovely looking girl. Regards Tom

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Jul 7 11 3:59 AM

Tom, I thought I had replied to the above- must have dreamt it, not here now. Anyway doing my bit to keep this going.
Never did contact Gwen, I have tried facebook etc. I cannot remember what school she went to. Must have been Stocktonwood, it was the only school around. I dont know how she grew up, nice looking etc. She did have her hair long I remember. I was jealous as I always had to have mine fairly short, with a bl..dy ribbon in
I remember Jean Long going to Stockton and the junior school in Garston.

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