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Apr 5 12 11:43 AM

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When you have the time Tom it would be great if you can give an easy step by step guide of how to access your site as there is so much on there that I would like to look at BUT am not a computer wizz kid and can't.  Hope you had a great time on your visit to good old Liverpool.

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Apr 12 12 4:24 PM

Hi goes.   The simplest way of exploring the website or inded any website, is to left click on the links to pages or articles that you would like to visit. When you have viewed the information and you want to return to the previous page, then you simply left click on the back arrow at the top left hand side of the page.
This is the easiest method ....master that and the rest will fall into place.

Yes enjoyed seeing some of my friends from yesteryear and spent some time taking pictures around the New Liverpool.

Regards Tom

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Apr 22 12 2:00 PM

Thanks Tom I will give it a go.  I always enjoy meeting up with the Speke Crowd as they are such lovely people.  Have you put any photos on yet?  Brian sent me the photos he had taken.  Are you back home or still in Liverpool?  We had it all in Speke it was just a child's paradise........  Mavis

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